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Topic: Needing your assistance just for a moment, please!

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Needing your assistance just for a moment, please!

Greetings everybody.

Sorry to be a bother about this but I could sure use your help trying to promote "Charlie". There's a great web page called All Music, they list every American band (just about) and many British bands and they have a rather extensive and up to date listing's of a group's recordings. In fact their "Discography" of Charlie is 99% complete with the notable exception of their latest release "Elysium". I have tried several times myself to deal with this by sending a note telling about Charlie's latest release but sadly all my attempt have gone unnoticed. I even listed this web page;s address in the hopes someone could easily see this for themselves but currently no one's bothered to take the bait. So I was hoping some more of you fellow Charlie fans could drop them a line and tell them as well of about Charlie's latest release. I'm guessing that numbers do count so one lone fan (me) won't get the job done completely. You may have to join their web page in order to leave a comment but I hope that won't be too much of a deal breaker for most of you. I really think the site itself is pretty cool and the fact they actually have Charlie listed is a huge plus as well. It does take a little digging in order to find Charlie but once you've included them as artists you follow and their individual albums in our collection you're good to go. One your a member you can even set up a custom list of all the music groups you follow plus all the albums & CD's you have collected as well. Yes it can and has become quite addicting for me since I joined, LOL. But all I'm trying to do is to tell people who may not even know this new album is currently out and for sale. So if you wouldn't mind doing so I would greatly appreciate your support in telling about our favorite band Charlie's latest release "Elysium" is not only out but also for sale as well. I'm sure many Charlie fans who don't know this will be forever in your debt. Thanks again for taking the time to read and act.

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