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Topic: Terry Thomas - early years

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Anthony Harland
Terry Thomas - early years

I've just found this Charlie site while reseaching information about Terry's earlier group The Magic Mixture. I thought some of you might be interested in reading about Terry's early carreer, if so then I strongly recommend a visit to Stan Curtiss' web site. It's here at . Stan was in the original Charlie group that formed in 1971 although he left after a couple of months to pursue a very successful career in audio electonics (see the rest of his web site for details). I love the way that group histories illustrate the mingling of contacts that go on in the music business, with people in one story cropping up in another.  So you all know that Charlie toured as an opener for Bad Company, but did you know that Simon Kirke (BC's drummer) was the original drummer in Terry's group The Magic Mixture (aka Maton's Magic Mixture) ?  Happy reading.

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