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Watching TV Video

Peter Ryder

Wow - were the hell did this get dredged up from ???

When I popped an email to Terry, Julian & John A, the following were their responses:



I have no recollection whatsoever of making that video...let alone having seen it.. amazing .. thanks



Jesus effing... maybe its the alzheimers kicking in but i have absolutely no memory of this whatsoever!  Brilliant find though. Now if we can just sleuth out the whistle test one..!


The whistle test video that Julian's taking about is Charlies second appearance on the programme (No Second Chance and Johnny Hold Back).

Does anyone have a copy of this??


John A:

Good grief  --- where the heck did that surface from?????
I don't know where that white Fender Jazz Bass came from either. Wasn't mine
that's for sure!
Probably hired for the 'shoot'. Ha ha.

I'm sure Terry will fill me in on 'where and when'.

Based on Terry's response, I'm guessing he won't have an answer for John  !!!



Jim Blake ( Birmingham)

Great video and excellent song. If none of the band remembers it, perhaps it was a Charlie tribute band performing!

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